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Your Free Getting Started Guide

Everything you need to know before starting your BLW journey. Tips on giving your baby the healthiest start possible, a guide to finger foods, foods to avoid, equipment checklist and all your FAQs answered.


  • What is baby led weaning? The origin and benefits of this method of weaning.

  • Signs of readiness - how to know when baby is ready to start weaning.

  • Best foods for the first few days and a visual guide to finger foods.

  • Choking vs. gagging - how to spot the signs and what to do in each situation.

  • "Foods to avoid" guide - what you ought to leave out.

  • Equipment checklist - all the kit you need to get started.

  • The importance of prioritising nutrients.

  • Healthy habits for a healthy future - how to give baby the best lifestyle behaviours.

  • All your FAQs answered (and if I've missed anything, just send me a DM!)

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