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An easy mid-week meal that’s packed with flavour and nutrients. Try this recipe once and it will quickly become a regular on your family menu!

This chicken satay recipe is the perfect mid-week dinner, when you're short of time and energy but still want to make something really nutritious for the family.

It's packed with nutrients - protein, healthy fats and lots of colourful veg - and so tasty you'll feel like you're having a cheeky takeaway, not a healthy meal!

I make it at least once or twice a month and Lula always licks the plate clean, with Darren and I sneaking back to the pan to clear up any leftovers. There's never any freezer stash left from this one!

Obviously peanuts are a potential allergen, so if you're serving this for a baby and they haven't tried peanuts yet, the NHS advises you to try some in very small amounts first and watch for any reaction. For more info click here.

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