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Rolled oats make a great alternative to breadcrumbs for a healthy, crispy coating on fish or chicken.

Would you like to get more fish into your family's diet but can't get anyone to eat it unless it's covered in batter or breadcrumbs?

There's nothing wrong with frozen fish fingers or the occasional battered fillet from the chip shop, but they're not especially nutritious.

Oats are high in phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, folate, vitamin B1 (thiamin) and they contain beta-glucan, which is an antioxidant, so using it in place of batter or breadcrumbs can make your fish dishes way more nutritious while still tasting great.

It's pretty straightforward to make as well. Check out the recipe below and don't forget to tag me @feedingtheirfutures on Instagram if you give it a go!

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