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with a pinch of salt




I see you fighting that daily battle of priorities.


On the one hand you want to focus on your children, attending to their every need and desire, giving them your undivided attention, setting up educational activities, cooking wholesome, nutritious food, keeping the house gleaming and Insta-worthy.


On the other hand you want to focus on yourself, get your own sh*t done, work towards your own life goals, maintain a sense of individuality, feel like you're something more than just "Chief Bum Wiper". 

Dropping the first part results in massive mum guilt.


Dropping the second results in a miserable Mummy.


Hi, I'm Claire

I'm a Leeds-based mum to a smart, sassy threenager, Lula Blue, and our little man, Raffi Bear, who is 11 months old.

My mission is to lighten the load for frazzled mums so we can dump the mum guilt and enjoy our family, without giving up our own identity.


I do this by sharing relatable stories about life as a mum, and tried-and-tested mum hacks to make that journey easier.​


Because the less alone we feel, and the easier we can make the every day tasks, the more time we'll have for ourselves.

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